Pilgrim United Church of Christ


Sept 8, 2019 will be the start of children’s Sunday School for 2019-20

Sunday Morning Schedule

10:30 a.m. — Worship

10:50 a.m. — Children’s Sunday School (following the passing of the peace in worship).  Sunday School will typically meet on 3 Sundays a month, as we try out a new model. The first Sunday we meet (in September, this will be Sept 8) we hear the story for the month, inspired by the Godly Play/ Montessori philosophy, where we encourage children to wonder and reflect on biblical stories in a personal way. The next Sunday we review the story and make connections to real places and people in the Middle East using the Holy Lands curriculum. On the third Sunday youth are invited to artistically tell the story back to their teachers. After the story part of each lesson there will be a “feast,” followed by a craft that either allows the child to further reflect on the story and/or directly relates to one of the ongoing missions of the church. This is done in a one room classroom model with 3-12 year olds learning alongside each other and 13-18 year olds invited to participate as teachers.

Inclusion Sundays: 

At least one Sunday of each month we intentionally do not hold Sunday school, so that young people can be even more fully included into worship. On these Sundays we have a children’s area in the sanctuary, more singing and movement, as well as consistent involvement of young people into the flow of the service itself.

nursery for babiesLambs Room  

We happily welcome the youngest members of God’s family! A nursery is available for preschoolers who will best experience the love of God through stories, toys, puzzles — and maybe even a nap!  


13-18 year olds invited to participate as teachers during children’s Sunday School, and are invited to participate in youth events and activities, service opportunities, and worship leadership.

Other educational and spiritual formation classes meet seasonally, or for short series, throughout the year — sometimes at church and sometimes in local coffee shops or breweries. We welcome everyone’s voice and presence!