Pilgrim United Church of Christ


Pilgrim Sunday School for children and adults will resume on September 9, 2018, when our youngest Pilgrims will share their gifts in worship.

Look forward to these new in classes in the fall of 2108:

  • A confirmation class for our youth
  • A new schedule for children’s Sunday School (see below).
  • A new adult Thursday evening series based on the PBS series “God in America”. As we journey through the fall, let us gather together to discuss how religion has shaped our country and how our faith informs how we engage the democratic process. September 13 at 7 pm will kick off the series and help ground us in the way we will engage the series and each other. From this larger gathering, our hope is that we will then gather in smaller group settings for deeper discussion the seven remaining weeks, depending upon interest and attendance. Any questions, please contact Stephen Schloss, Gail Heath or Pastor Lindy.  Sign up here for this 8 week journey.
  • A new inter-generational adult Sunday School class at 9:30 am Sundays in the Community Room.  Details below.

Sunday School student and teacher

Sunday Morning Schedule

9:30 a.m. — Inter-generational adult Sunday School in the Community Room

10:30 a.m. — Worship

10:50 a.m. — Children’s Sunday School (following the passing of the peace in worship) on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  On the 1st Sunday of the month, we will share in an intergenerational worship for Communion Sunday with everyone staying in the sanctuary.  The 3rd Sunday will be to build and grow a children’s worship experience as we call a new Christian Education Minister/Director. As we wait to birth this new ministry, our Youth and Confirmation Class will share their leadership gifts as we worship together.  When our month includes a 5th Sunday, the children will gather to plan and prepare for dramatic scripture presentations that we will offer seasonally throughout the year.

nursery for babiesLambs Room  

We happily welcome the youngest members of God’s family! A nursery is available for preschoolers who will best experience the love of God through stories, toys, puzzles — and maybe even a nap!



children and teacher in Sunday SchoolChildren’s Sunday School   

Our children are important to us! We welcome them for worship, learning, and play.
Following the passing of the peace in worship, children are invited to learn and play in their classrooms on 2nd and 4th Sundays: K-3rd grade in the Lions Room and 4th-6th grade in the Leopards Room. Please pick up children promptly following worship.


Youth in grades 6-12 are invited to participate in youth events and activities, service opportunities, and worship leadership. For more information about upcoming events, contact Rev. Mandy.

Inter-generational Adult Sunday School    

By popular request, Pilgrim has started a new inter-generational Sunday School class each week at 9:30 am. The class will be centered around reading and discussion of the lectionary (these are the old and new testament readings we use in service). From time to time, we may switch gears and do a series study on a specific book of the Bible.

Our hope is that we will alternate facilitators to provide folks who seek it an opportunity to have a short-term leadership commitment, and also to experience various perspectives and teaching styles.

The objectives of this weekly class will be two-fold: (1) to grow together in our faith through the reading and interpretation of our still-speaking God’s Word, and (2) to grow together in community as we learn from (and about!) each other in a small group setting.

If it helps, please know there will be coffee for those of us who feel 9:30 on a Sunday morning is a bit early. We hope you will join us as you are able!

Jonathan Earnest, Jennifer Tu, and Tom Harris

Other educational and spiritual formation classes meet seasonally, or for short series, throughout the year — sometimes at church and sometimes in local coffee shops or breweries. We welcome everyone’s voice and presence!