Job Announcement



Pilgrim United Church of Christ

3011 Academy Road, Durham NC 27707


 At Pilgrim United Church of Christ, an Open and Affirming Congregation, we believe as Augustine (perhaps

apocryphally) did - that singing is like praying twice. Pilgrims believe that music is integral to worship, and

that the diversity of our musical tastes is to be celebrated. The musical tradition at Pilgrim dictates that the

Organist/Accompanist have training in the "classics" of Christian liturgical music, but our repertoire varies

from Medieval and Renaissance motets to high Romantic-period choral works to spirituals to protest songs of

the 1960s to popular music of today. As such our Organist/Accompanist is a unique position that requires

flexibility  above all things, and we seek a candidate who is equally enthusiastic about (for example) Josquin,

Palestrina, and Schu╠łtz as they are about Malvina Reynolds, Björk, or Frank Ocean, and equally comfortable

accompanying classical church anthems as they are improvising on popular songs and sight-reading with less

than extensive notice. Current students are especially encouraged to apply.


Send resume/CV and cover letter to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Anticipated start date: July 30, 2014


 Keyboard instruments available at PUCC: Aeolian-Skinner organ, Kawai baby grand piano, Yamaha YDP-223

keyboard, Single-manual harpsichord


The Organist/Accompanist assumes the following responsibilities to the PUCC congregation:


1.  Under the direction of the Music Director, play the organ and/or piano for regularly scheduled worship

services including a prelude/postlude, hymns, choral accompaniments and incidental music as


2. Play the organ and/or piano at regularly scheduled choir rehearsals and at special rehearsals, with

adequate prior notice by the Music Director, in support of usual or special worship events.

3. Play the organ and/or piano for special worship events, including Christmas Eve and Maundy

Thursday, as mutually agreed upon with the Music Director and ministerial staff.

4. Recommend preludes, postludes, or hymns as requested by the Music Director or Pastor.

5. Play (or oversee the use of) the organ and other church instruments for weddings and funerals held in

the church.

6. Oversee care and maintenance of the organ and other church instruments within budgetary limits.

7. Recommend substitute and guest musicians to the Music Director as appropriate.

8. Include all who wish to participate in the music program, respecting the time commitment of those

who attend choir practice on a weekly basis.


Members of the PUCC congregation assume the following responsibilities to the Organist/Accompanist:


1. Provide reasonable salary support commensurate with professional training, work activities, and

achievement of job responsibilities as dictated in the guidelines published by the American Guild of


2. Maintain an environment of artistic freedom for the Organist/Accompanist and for all musicians

performing in the church.

3. Participate in the church music program.

4. Provide material support to the church music program.

5. Encourage the Organist/Accompanist to use the organ, other church instruments and facilities for paid

private instruction, rehearsals, and recitals. Any facility use will need to be scheduled to avoid conflict

with activities planned for PUCC.

6. Ensure that the Organist/Accompanist is paid for professional services, such as weddings at a rate

consistent with the PUCC wedding policy.

7. Offer but not require membership in PUCC.

8. Ensure that PUCC is open to and affirming of all individuals, not discriminating on the basis of race,

gender, disability, or sexual orientation/identity.

9. Provide timely and appropriate feedback and support among the Music Committee, Music Director, and


10. Offer opportunities for the musician to interact with and get to know members of church.